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    02/08/18    A NEW FAN GALLERY
    I've finally done it. I've uploaded a new Fan Gallery. It is the D.L. Gallery and there are a few photos in there you'll want to see. Some we may have seen before but they are of good resolution and are a great addition to our already staggering JMV Gallery. Thank you DL for sharing these with us.

    There are some unfortunate news in Jan's world where his ex wife Joanne has passed away suddenly at the age of 58. May her son and family find peace... LINK
    (Thanks Alex for the link.)
    11/23/17    SOME UPDATES
    Hi, recently I received some emails from fans with help in updating the website. I know I hardly get to it but I am still paying for the space so I still think if Jan in some ways and feel it's worth the money to keep it up at least for another while. I had an email from DL with some photos to be added to a page on the website. Thank you for that. Here is a peek until the page is ready.

    Also I recently noticed that Jan was at a photo signing, may be in 2015. It's hard to believe that he would get out of his comfort zone to attend one of those sci-fi fairs but he did just that. Had I known I may have flown down to finally meet him but it was not to be. Here are some links to those pics. And more recenly someone else noticed this too and sent me a link to a video of the said signing, however brief. So MM thanks for that.

    VIDEO: Jan at a Photo Signing
    PHOTOS at All Things Airwolf
    07/15/17    ALL THE BEST
    06/30/17    DID YOU GET "THE BOOK"?
    I wrote this last year but it doesn't look like I've posted it so I will post it now even though it may be a bit late...... I don't know about you but I got my copy of the long awaited Biography about Jan. The book is written by David Grove and is availble to buy on Amazon. I had to leaf through it right away to see what it all entails. It looks very well orginized with photos throughout and at the back is my name. Woo hoo, never seen that before. Glad it's etched in there forever as well as many other names of course who helped in some way in making of this book. I'm thankful for everyone who was willing to share their experiences with the rest of us. Most of all I'm just glad that Jan is still around, amazing as it is. He stuck around long enough to see this book hopefully. If you haven't got your copy yet then order it now.
    09/17/16    THE BOOK ON JAN IS "OUT" NOW
    The book we've always been waiting for and wanted to have, a biography on our man Jan-Michael Vincent has been written by DAVID GROVE and is now available on AMAZON. Here is the link to it so you can get a copy for yourself ASAP. I just ordered my copy. Here is to hoping it's a good and positive read.

    JMV Edge of Greatness on Amazon:
    Also available from BearManor Media

    09/05/16    EXCITING NEWS: JMV BOOK almost ready for Release

    With his chiseled features, effortless screen presence, otherworldly vitality, striking blue eyes, Jan-Michael Vincent seemed destined for superstardom. However, the real Jan-Michael Vincent was a reluctant sex symbol plagued by doubt and low self-confidence, a perpetual misfit doomed to alcoholism.

    Jan-Michael Vincent: Edge of Greatness covers Vincent’s entire life, beginning in his hometown of Hanford, California, and details the difference between Jan Vincent, a shy, small town boy, and Jan-Michael Vincent, Hollywood’s golden boy, who was thought to be the next James Dean in the early to mid-1970s, a period in which Vincent delivered memorable performances in films such as Buster and Billie, The Mechanic, Tribes, and The World’s Greatest Athlete.

    Featuring interviews with Vincent’s childhood classmates and friends, as well as his former Hollywood colleagues, including Donald P. Bellisario, Alex Cord, and Robert Englund, Jan-Michael Vincent: Edge of Greatness reveals an eternal man-child, whose career and life symbolize the tragedy of unfulfilled potential.

    David Grove is an author, film journalist, historian, and produced screenwriter. He is the author of the books Fantastic 4: The Making of the Movie, Jamie Lee Curtis: Scream Queen, Making Friday the 13th, and On Location in Blairstown: The Making of Friday the 13th. He lives in British Columbia, Canada.

    Book will be published by Bear Manor Media .
    06/24/16    A few pics
    06/18/16    Keeping it going
    Not really any more news but just posting a photo from some bike ride that was going on in California I think and there were quite a few photos from that time that are some of my faves.
    06/15/16    Book on Jan
    I know it's been a while. Sometimes I resist coming to the website because I don't even know if anyone ever comes to it anymore but I do have some news to report with the new book about Jan as written by David Grove. David's note says:

    I sent my manuscript for Jan-Michael Vincent: Edge of Greatness to the publisher at Bear Manor Media www.bearmanormedia.com and I just started a Facebook page for the book, which I will continually update as I move toward the book's publication.

    Link for the Facebook Page Jan-Michael Vincent: Edge of Greatness
    06/15/16    Jan's Interview on Studio 10
    I know it's a shock that first I have two updates in one day and also that Jan did another interview. That is amazing. He looks pretty well the same as last time, didn't age much, except for his eye that I think has glaucoma or cataract, not sure which but he looks pretty good. He still has so much hair and I still love that smile, it still warms me up. Despite him being put on the spot again I'm proud of him for the courage he has to face it. It's like these journalists only want to see how good is his memory or rather how bad. "What do you remember about Australia?" Really??

    Link for   Jan's interview on Studio 10

    01/28/16    Happy New Year 2016
    Hi, everyone, here's wishing you all the best for yet another new year. Can hardly believe we've reached 2016 already. Rememeber back in the day when we waited for the week to go by so we can see a new episode of Airwolf and here we are all these years later. Damn, those years seem to be flipping by like pages in a book. Speaking of which I've been contacted again by a writer named David Grove who is writing a biography about Jan. He would hope to see this book hit the bookshelves sometime in early 2017 to be published by Bear Manor Media. Check out David Grove on Amazon. He is the author of book Making Friday the 13th among others.


    David suggests that if you have any questions for him about the book he is writing please ask using the Email in the left bar.
    09/13/15    Continuing Gallery 15
    Not much going on over here, just adding more articles to the new French Collection. Summer is coming to a close and another year will soon pass us by. I don't know about you but I hate thinking about how fast the years are flying by lately but we cannot stop it and so it goes. Has anyone seen any Jan films on TV in the last few months? I would like to tell you something very good but will have to hold it for now until I have more information so I'll leave you with a few more photos on gallery page 16.

    07/20/15    A little late but not forgotten
    06/22/15    A few more pics
    I actually found some time to add a few more pics and articles in the new collection. I'm always happy when I have something new to add even if it is in a language I don't understand. I'm greatful to this fabilous magazine CINE that had Jan on the cover so many times. Had to show you this. It's very rare that I see Jan's film Defiance for which this website is named on TV so here is a screenshot of it. It was on yesterday and I taped it so I can watch on my own time and more than once. Also, every now and then I get letters from fans out there who are still loving Jan. A couple were from Australia and such lovely things were said, such as: "I Would Like To See Air Wolf Return, To TV a New Series , Can Only Dream ,A Bell 430 as The Lady." another one says: "I do still think Jan is the most handsome man I've ever seen, especially in the Airwolf flightsuit. He will always be the gold standard, and Brad Pitt doesn't measure up! LOL It isn't just his looks either, it's his quiet, strong and laidback demeanour, combined with that whimsical little smile he has - just wow." And now just a short note that since I last wrote I got a new grandson born on May 27th. His name is Jaxon. A cute little thing he is and taking up a bit of my time but righfully so. Now, I have two little grandbaby boys. These are my updates for this time. Keep Jan in your thoughts.

    04/27/15    Gallery 15 Started
    Hello, everyone, hope you are doing well. Every now and then we get some new material about Jan's career to look over. Really thought we'd seen it all by now but as I said here and there some more things crop up, either it's new to us or in better form than before. Either way we're happy to have it or at least I am. I hope Jan is doing well after his surgery and is getting used to life without his foot. He's been a surviver against many other challenges and I don't see this will be any different. He just has this will and strength that may not be all too apparent on the outside but it's there on the inside and for that we're glad.

    01/14/15    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015
    I hope the new year is finding all of you and Jan well and in good spirits. The Christmas season was spent well with lots of food, presents and most importantly family. We had no snow then but are making up for it now. Plus it's been mighty cold, just yesterday it was -21C. Hopefully we will defrost soon.
  • Thanks to Aurelie for sending in the French articles on Airwolf.
  • Also thanks to Kelly from NBC for letting us know that you can now WATCH FULL EPISODES OF AIRWOLF HERE: http://www.nbc.com/classic-tv/airwolf/video
  • And more on the November article here Daily Mail

  • 11/02/14    IN THE ENQUIRER NOW - Nov. 10 issue
    I happened to go BACK to the grocery store for something and there was the Enquirer on the stand, it was there yesterday but somehow I did not pay attention, this time I did and lo and behold there is a two page spread on Jan and his troubles. It seems that is the only time he makes the news, only when something is wrong. Anyway, as I said I'm just glad to hear that Jan is still around. He still has his hair, he sure has that going for him. He doesn't look much different from the last time we saw him.

    11/01/14    NEW JMV VIDEO
    At last we have some news on Jan, good news and bad news. The good news is that he is still alive and living, well somewhere. I really don't know if he's still in MS or somewhere else nearby. He is still with his wife and the two of them live quietly in a nice little house. He still remembers most things about his life though he's reluctant to talk about it. Weather prehaps he regrets some things like his drinking or he just likes to leave the past in the past no one knows but he lives in a quiet area, sits on his porch and seems content. The bad news is he had some sort of surgery and then a bad infection that took a part of his right leg. He now gets around with a prosthetic leg and a walker.

    Thanks to Alex in Germany who brought this link to my attention. Most of you may have seen it by now but it is new to me and I'm sorry about Jan's leg but he still has his life and that is something amazing.

    To see he new JMV video, click here: RADARONLINE.COM - there are 2 parts

    Also on the Enquirer page itself: JAN VIDEO

    08/20/14    What is it about him
    How many times can I say it's hard to keep updating this website when there is usually nothing to update with? You already know the story but here I am once again trying to do just that because incredibly I still get emails that tell me there are fans out there still thinking about Jan. Some fans are very young. I don't even know how they all heard about Jan or why they would even care but they do. Many people still care about Jan, including me. So here is a recent photo I acqured a little while ago of Jan looking very much in his prime. It is an add ironically for beer which I'm posting as is and as a nice portrait of the man. It makes me wonder how many more photos may be out there that we've not yet seen. What is it about him that makes us keep hanging on? Perhaps we'll never know exactly but in the meantime yes, we still do want to see his face. On a personal note I've been very busy this year adopting a nine year old girl from China. My three kids are grown but our family is still very tight and I wanted to share that with one child who needed a family. She has now been home for three weeks. During this time we are suppose to be bonding with her but we got extra bonding time as we were in quarantine. It turns out after we got home we found out one of the children in our adoption group contracted measles and the department of health called asking us to stay put for twenty days to prevent an outbreak but none of us came down with it but we did get the nasty cold, both my husband and I, that everyone else had in China. We are getting better now. The transition days are up and down but with each day comes a little more acceptance.
    02/22/14    Where is Jan
    Just a couple of collages for fun just to remind us of Jan. Don't have much else to share with you at this time as is usually the case. Not much news going around about Jan. I can't imagine he is up to too much other than enjoying his life in MS.
    01/04/14    Happy New Year
    Yes, sir, another year has gone by, much too quickly if you ask me. I hope new year has started off good for you. The end of 2013 was not so good for me, ended up in the ER with pneumonia. Finally, getting better now but the later part of December I spent in bed. I had no idea how pneumonia can knock you right off your feet. I hope it doesn't come back any time soon. In the meantime Alex in Germany has sent us an article from a German magazine from 2010 that mentions Jan having a grandchild. Some of you can read this and some of us will just browse through it but nevertheless it's nice to see. Go to Gallery 14 to see a couple more pix.
    12/07/13    Newly added pic
    Just got this in and had to post, will be adding it to a new gallery soon. Maybe time to start a new one. Better get going while the going is good. Honestly, not sure if we already have this one or not but just in case. It was taken at time when I'm sure it was a very carefree time for Jan back in the seventies or even earlier when he was just getting started.
    12/05/13    Just some things
    Just checked out some more links on the Net, one in French but a longer biography page. Some photos are off my website but still worth a look at NANARLAND
    A pretty little Jan gallery appears at TUMBLER
    A good list of Jan movies on DVD a CLASSIC MOVIES
    Love this PHOTO

    11/29/13    Anybody Out There
    There is really no way to tell when the inspiration might come over me to update this website. It is sporadic that is for sure. Every now and then Jan still comes to my mind and I wonder how he is doing. I hope he is still around and is doing as well as can be. I've not seen any of his films on TV lately but that is not to say that Airwolf or some movie is not playing somewhere in the world. My world is doing all right. My grandson is growing like a weed and is such a cute little boy. I spend a lot of time with him and enjoy it very much. Has anyone heard if Amber ever had a child? I've not seen anything about her. I hope she is well too. I can't really give you any updates on Jan because there aren't any that I know of and really just to know that he's still out there somewhere is enough for me. I did just pay again for another year of this webspace so we shall see what happens.

    To start off with I just noticed this little movie, really someone's home movie of Jan after filming Big Wednesday. The film is called CACTUS WAGON. You've probably already seen it, if not you can see it at Surfer's Journal by clicking on any of the scans below. It is a cool story of Jan and Denny Aaberg, the screenwriter of Big Wednesday driving along what was undoubtedly fantastic scenery down to Rattlesnake Point and Punta Pequena, Mexico. It is amazing to see that someone still has some Jan footage we've not seen yet. I love the retro and casual feel of this little film narrated by Denny himself. Jan is young, natural and beautiful.

    And here is how this wonderful cover of the magazine IN THE KNOW came to be back in the mid 70s as told by then editor James Spada. I wish the article was a little longer with more detail but nice to see just the same. Spada says, "I interviewed him in his rustic Topanga Canyon garden. He and his wife and little girl were a delight..."
       READ MORE
    03/10/13    Buster & Billie
    Just worked on all 4 pages of Buster & Billie, one of major JMV films which should be visible and now all 4 pages have correct links. Looking over all the material on this film reminds me how good it was and how popular. I think if they re-did this film today it would be just as good because the story is tragic and very touching. Jan is great as the popular bad boy with traces of good in him which the love of Billie strengthens. In this film Jan is so young, talented and beautiful and no one can take that away from him. BUSTER & BILLIE
    01/13/13    Getting on with the New Year
    Happy New Year everynone. I do look forward to hopefully going over some of the old pages and update them. I wish very badly that I had some new material to post but I will go over my scrapbooks to double check and triple check if there is anything I've missed. In the meantime if there is anyone out there with something we've not seen yet from Jan's career please speak up or send in whatever scans you care to share with the rest of us. I can see from the FB page that there are definitely some Jan fans still kicking out there. Thank goodness for that.
    11/30/12    Defiance Facebook Page
    Hello, again, I bet you are sitting there with your mouth hanging open at seeing an update on this page. I've been thinking for a while now to come back here but somehow I've not had the courage however I noticed that in the last few months or so fans have been active again, writing, inquiring about Jan. It certainly appears that there are fans still out there thinking about Jan regardless of his circumstances; the hard core fans who are loyal to a fault. So in light of that I've decided to start slow. I've started a Defiance Facebook group and if you'd like to be a part of it search Jan Michael Vincent Defiance and hopefully it will come up. That way we can keep more in touch with each other and then I will work on the website itself and maybe get some help with you. Did you notice a couple of film trailers with Jan in it? Here are the links though you may have seen them long before I did:
  • Airwolf South Africa
  • Hollywood Don't Surf
  • 05/24/11   Real Life
    Hi, everyone and anyone who still happens to come by. I am busy at the moment with my first grandchild. My daughter, same one as last year, deliverd a healthy baby boy named Brandon on May 11th. He was still early but only five weeks and is doing well but needs to put some weight on those little bones. He's just tipped the scale over 5 pounds, so as soon as his eating habit becomes consistant he will be able to leave the NICU. Really looking forward to Brandon's homecoming. Cheers.
    03/17/11   Happy St. Patrick's day
    Any Irish fans out there? I hope you had a good day, though it's not over yet. The party is probably just beginning. Thanks to all those who wrote with some thoughts about Jan and the website. We'll keep the faith as you say. I guess I just had to vent a little. Sometimes I feel like the only fan out there and other times I know I'm not alone. Jan has many fans who just will not give up on him. He's lucky that way. It would be nice to hear what Jan is doing these days but we'll keep on guessing. Stay well, all you good people.
    03/02/11   So, what's going on ?
    Well, the other night Jan came into my dreams again, I saw him from behind though I recognized him immediately by his beautiful blond hair. He was standing alone, gazing into the distance of a lovely mountain. I really can't say what words were spoken if any but I woke up that morning with a refreshed and hopeful feeling that not all was lost yet. I still care about Jan and enjoy his career. I'll still watch his movies and look for his picture where-ever I can. I will add to this website and keep it up as long as I can no matter what they say. I promise.
    01/01/11   Hello Everyone !

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