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03/28/09 family and caring women have been very important to Jan and are probably the reason Jan is still alive today

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Jan & Anna
Currently Jan is married to Anna or Patricia Ann. Jan and Anna are happy and live quietly in the beautiful Eagle Lake area of Vicksburg, MS in Warren County and have family nearby. They have been married since 1999 but have had a friendship for as long as 25 years.   
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    Jan & Karen
    Karen was a friend of Jan's since childhood. They've lost contact but since Jan's accident that almost took his life she'd offered him friendship and a place to stay. Karen took part in an interview about Jan in the True Hollywood Story and has stood by him in the time after his accident.

    Jan & Karen
    Jan & Nicole
    Jan was with Nicole when his near fatal accident happened landing him in the emergency ward of the Mission Viejo, California haspital with a broken neck. The two were in seperate cars when Jan's car ran a yellow light, ramming into Nicole's car then spun out and hit a traffic light. Doctors said Jan was lucky to come out alive and not paralyzed out of this serious accident.

    Jan & Nicole
    Jan & Lisa Maria
    Love don't come easy, not where Jan-Michael Vincent is concerned. Each one of his relationships has a bitter end but it seems not to be intentional, only unfortunate. Jan seems to have a knack for pushing away any woman who's ever loved him and distroying the relationships to the point of almost distroying himself. Lisa's relationship with Jan was good and loving. They had many good times. "We loved it here. The view on Pacific Coast Highway. Nice to stop and just take it all in. We did that alot. He has a huge heart."

    Jan & Lisa Maria
    Jan & Joanne
    Jan met Joanne while she was still a teenager in high school. He helped her cut classes so they could go to the beach and have fun in the sun. Her parents weren't happy about it but Joanne, then 27, married Jan, more than ten years her senior, married in 1985. Jan's brother Chris was the best man and his daugter Amber a bridesmaid. Their marriage was turbulant and often violent each time Jan came near alcohol. After more than eleven years together Jan and Joanne called it quits but remained friends.

    Jan & Bonnie
    Jan's first love started when he was very young and just barely started his film career. The young lovebirds met while at Venture College, then married and soon had a child; a daugther that came into the world when Jan was finishing up film, Buster & Billie. She was named Amber Springbird because of the amber coloring on her face when she was born. After Jan and Bonnie got divorced there were rumors of them getting back together but as far as we know they never did.


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