The 70s were indeed the highlight of Jan's career as he starred in one film after another but as his fame heightened his marriage to Bonnie crumbled and Jan and Bonnie soon divorcedr. His success continued into the 80s but soon began to lose steam as Jan's drinking habits consumed him. After a brief dry spell Jan nabbed himself the lead role in a TV series of his own, called Airwolf. It was a helicopter of the most sophisticated type that outrun jet planse. Its pilot was Stringfellow Hawk, a brooding chello playing Jan Michael Vincent. Hawk had a mission to find his brother lost in Vietnam. He used whatever means he could while working for the Firm and taking orders from Archangel. At the height of Airwolf's success Jan's old habits came back to haunt him once again as he came to the set often drunk. Jan was soon replaced by a new and better actor but the series was never the same, again. In the meantime Jan met and fell in love with a teenage model, Joanne Robinson. They married and lived their lives in a house in Malibu, California.

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