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SYNOPSIS:   This movie features a star studded cast. There's James Caan, Michael Sarrazin, Harrison Ford and Jan-Michael credited as Michael Vincent. These are the young Texans, seven in all, who ride out to volunteer in the United States Confederate Army during the middle of the Civil War. They find it's a long way to Shiloh, Tennessee. On their way they encounter numerous adventures after which Jan-Michael who is young Little Bit Lucket, eventually succombs to a fever. Others meet with similar fates.


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MOVIE REVIEW by Lorraine

Starring James Caan & Jan Michael Vincent (Credited as Michael Vincent)

Review By Lorraine Beasley - 19.3.06

I have been hearing how difficult this movie is to get hold of nowadays, so I count myself very lucky to have come by it recently.

This is a good old fashioned 60's Western with a touching story and a likeable cast.

James Caan is the lead, and tries very hard but somehow cannot reach the same heights as his Alan Bourdillion Teherne character in Eldorado, but it has to be said that he is not in quite such auspicious company here. In place of John Wayne and Robert Mitchum, we have a long haired and youthful Harrison Ford and a very fresh faced and extremely blond Jan Michael Vincent, who both put in admirable performances, although neither is called upon to do anything extraordinary.

The movie is about seven young men who set out to join the Confederate Army in the American Civil war, and their journey to the battle of Shiloh. They are plain, uneducated country boys and their heads are full of ideas about war being fun . A game . That when they get there it will all be over and the movie catalogues their adventures along the way.

The scenery is magnificent and there is a catchy little theme tune at the beginning and the end, but, it has to be said that the film its self is nothing spectacular, rolling on slowly toward its conclusion, revealing as the journey continues that these nave young men have no idea of what war is really like, or even what they are fighting for.

Still, I liked this movie. I spotted a couple of familiar faces whose names escape me because their careers obviously fizzled out, but Caan, Vincent and Ford are given ample opportunity to shine, and each take them and make the most of them.

The ending is predictably depressing and dark, but it is a war movie, so what do you expect ..

If you get a chance to see this movie, do . I don't think you will be disappointed.

Score out of 10 - 9

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