JMV seems to be keeping a very low profile these days, well away from the Hollywood glitz and glamour where everything is more peaceful. Many of you have written wanting to know if Jan is ...

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"Snake bit, gut shot, broke leg dog draggin' nine suckin' puppies uphill."
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12/24/07    Happy Holidays:

Hello. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to JAN and to all ! Defiance is back with a new domain name and I'll be sticking around for at least two more years and after that come what may. There is a lot of updates especially in the gallery department. At last all the Fan Collections are in one place and neatly organized. For the 2008 I hope we'll have some new collections to enjoy and more updates on the old ones. Jan is still number one with us and we just can't get enough. Above are some Christmas pictures from the old calendars: 03, 04 and 05 respectively and just for fun one for 07. Anyway there's still more work to be done so see ya.

12/10/07    Hooper - thanks to N L:
10/16/07    Sins of Desire - thanks to A F:
10/05/07    Look Left:
Just some new wallpaper at left.
10/04/07    Jan links on The Insider Website and Clip 4:
There are some links to some info and clips on the Insider Webpage -
  • Jan-Michael Vincent: The Former TV Hunk Today!
  • New Video! Jan-Michael Vincent: Is He Okay?
  • ... The reclusive "Airwolf" star breaks his silence
    after years away from the camera. ...
  • combined pages

  • The Insider CLIP 4 from the 19th
  • 09/24/07    Amber and Airwolf:
    Here are some more submitted pix of Airwolf Season 3 - PAGE 6 Thanks to Lorraine and according to Marielle, she still drowns in Jan's eyes and Airwolf Season 3 came out in the Netherlands, so now every day is Airwolf time for her. And yes that is a photo of bride Amber Springbird that Jan is holding.
    09/23/07    The clips:
    The clips are giving me some trouble like no sound but I'm working on it,
    ... In the meantime here is PAGE 2, 3 and 4 of the Insider.,
    09/20/07    Some articles:
    Alex has updated his gallery with some more clippings, one of them has a nice photo of Jan and Joanne in the happier times. ... " When I pick up the paper and see that Sean Penn has just belted someone, I laugh. He used to baby-sit my daughter! I used to work for his father, Leo, who is a top director. Sean's a Malibu brat - and so am I. I guess I'm a founding member of the brat pack." ... Thanks, Alex.
    Jan shows a photo of his daughter, Amber in her wedding gown on the Insider.
    JMV fan Jessica says things for Jan are heating up. Will he make a comback ???
    09/19/07    Believe it or not Jan says he hopes to get in front of the cameras & act again:
    I'll give it to you, Saint. I never thought I'd hear this from Jan but as I said stranger things have happened. Yes, he says he wants to act again. He did however seem to need help either walking or getting into his chair for the inverview. Eddie, I agree with you Jan needs his teeth fixed and he has more trouble talking than before, which may be because of his bad teeth. He also says he does not remember his major car accident and he does not remember how old his daughter is. "I'm an old man," he says but admitting that he wants to act again means Jan has not given up all hope on life. He still has his great hair and though all in all things are not good I really expected it to be much much worse. Lorraine good luck to you with your Airwolf stories. Keep us updated.

    -- More soon --

    09/18/07    Here is our Loverboy JAN today:
    There is a continuation of Jan's interview tomorrow on The Insider. I will try to get better scans and the clips. -- For now MORE HERE --

    09/17/07    JMV on The Insider tomorrow:
    I saw the preview and yes Jan is on the Insider tomorrow the 18th and I am surprised that Jan looks better than I would've thought, he has his long hair, except he can barely talk. So hopefully tomorrow or next day I will have this on UTube or at least the scans here - for those of you who live in France, UK, Netherlands, Germany and everywhere else you're writing me from.
    09/15/07    The Insider on the 13th:
    I found a link that shows JMV was on the Insider on the 13th. We may have missed it.
    09/14/07    JMV on the Insider - Sept. 18th:
    ... The former Airwolf heartthrob, who has suffered a series of legal and medical setbacks since his career heyday two decades ago, has taped a rare interview for U.S, news show The Insider, which will air next week (18Sep07). Struggling to speak after one of his vocal chords was shattered in an emergency medical procedure following ... {MORE}
    Also check out the Song Clip from Damnation Alley. Thanks to Lorraine, Dera, Jessica and Anita for this section.
    This interview is also mentioned in another website HERE. The location of his whereabouts was known to me last year but I did not want to print the details on this website.
    09/10/07    Ask and you shall receive:
    I do believe we got the photo Kime was looking for thanks to N.L. Also a screencap from the Howard Stern Show where Jan meets up with Willie Nelson.
    09/09/07    Catherine Hickland:
    The blonde in the picture with JMV is Catherine Hickland. She co-starred in the first episode of Airwolf Season 3 (Horn of Plenty), and in one other episode. At one time she was married to David Hasselhoff and she starred in a soap opera for a long time (I just don't remember which one).
    - thanks to Kime - also she is looking for one Airwolf still - JMV is sitting at the controls of a helicopter and looking at the camera.. Jean Bruce Scott (Caitlin) is standing outside the helicopter, beside him. - if anyone has it please help her out. Thanks.
    09/07/07    That blonde again:
    JH has another pic of this woman with Jan but does not believe she really had anything to do with Jan just happened to be at the party. This may have been around the time of Last Plane Out. Still don't know her name. Anyway more video clips uploaded from Entertainment Tonight. You know where to find them.

    09/05/07    Howard Stern and Extra Interviews:
    Here are the links to the 4 parts of the Howard Stern interview after Jan's accident as he showed up for the interview with the black patch. These were posted by virtualwolf. Thanks for that.

    Howard Stern Interview part 1 Howard Stern Interview part 2 Howard Stern Interview part 3 Howard Stern Interview part 4

    03/12/07    Big and Beautiful
    I was going to make you wait until I post these later on in the DP Collection but these pix are just too scrumptious to hold back. There is more in the DP Collection on page 8. Thanks again for sharing, Dera.
    03/04/07    Who got those HOT pix of an older Jan ??
    DP collection page 3 A couple of weeks back there were a couple of beautiful pix of a very HOT Jan in sleevless shirts which show off his great bod and I didn't bother bidding on it because I saw someone in our group already did. I do hope however if she got them she will share nice large scans of them with us. More articles and interesting tid bits were added in the DP Collection
    02/17/07    JMV Gallery page 2 and more
    Gallery 2 is now back up and different. Also page 5 of the DP Collection with more Jan articles, one with a nice pic of Jan in his skiing outfit.
    02/08/07    JMV Gallery
    The Gallery Index page is now active as is the first gallery in the bunch - the others still have the old links but they will be updated, none of the links to the T35 pages work.
    02/06/07    JMV Weblinks
    The links page is back up but needs some new material.
    02/05/07    The long awaited Jan Update
    JMV seems to be keeping a very low profile these days, well away from the Hollywood glitz and glamour where everything is more peaceful. Many of you have written wanting to know if Jan is even still around. Someone close to Jan has written to let us know that yes - Jan is still alive. Indeed he is leading a reclusive life in a small house with his wife, Ann, where they do not own a computer, not even a phone. On occasion he does use the telephone at the general store where he picks up a few groceries. No, he is not in a wheelchair but a walker does help him out at times. A monthly stipend arrives from an agency through the postal office, other than that Jan does not get around much. He does not go fishing but seems to keep busy with a lot of writing (letís hope heís writing that memoir heís always talking about) and some painting ... more on the Newspage

    Page 4 with Jan's baby pictures has been added to the DP Collection
    01/25/07    Fan Collection page 3
    There is page 3 in Dera's fan collection - it's mouth-watering so get to it. And isn't this the sweetest photo of Amber and Jan you've ever seen.

    I've been advised the DVD release of The Thundering 8th has been pushed back as they're still working on the cover art. I will let you know if anything further goes on with this.
    DP collection page 3
    01/05/07    Filmography
    Keep checking the filmography as the film pages go back up in reverse order this time, from most recent ones to the early films. Added three pages today such as No Rest For The Wicked. The scans you see will save bigger than they appear.
         BTW I might have some news on Jan ... coming up.
    01/01/07    Happy New Year
    Hey, I hope you don't have too much of a hangover. Most of you are probably still asleep from last night's late partying which brought us into year 2007. It's amazing that now we are already closing in on 2010. I've added page 2 to the DP Collection and added more to page 1 so go back there as well.   DP COLLECTION pg 2    There is news that The Thundering 8th, a film in which Jan has a co-starring role as WWII bomber pilot, Capt. Otis Buckwald, is coming out on DVD on 2-1-07. More news on that to follow.
    12/24/06    Happy Holidays

    Here is the first page of Dera's Fan Collection. I am sure you will enjoy it as I do. I hope 2007 will be a good one for everyone.   DP COLLECTION pg 1
    12/22/06    Let's go surfing
    Click here for the great Adonis to emerge from the waters of the Pacific. Thanks to Dera.
    12/19/06    More help
    JH, our long time contributor has scoured her scrapbooks for more photos which we haven't had before. These are a few she's sent. There are more but will appear in the gallery which I'm working on as well. Thanks, JH.
    12/16/06    Composites
    Another fan has come to our rescue with her great composites from various Jan's film. Thanks Dera for this contribution. Also an unusual athletic looking pix from Lorraine from Damnation Alley. More coming up.
    12/13/06    Mixed Pix
    Here are some various pix for your viewing pleasure just to tie you over until there's more on this site. This is thanks to Lorraine. She's scanned all pix but one at the end. If there is any more of you out there who can contribute anything don't be shy. I need some help out here.
    12/09/06    Filmography
    We shall persevere. I've just added the index page for the filmography section. Looking back I realize some of the film scans are tiny, I will try to enlarge some of those to give it more justice.
    11/28/06    Pages on T35
    The things that sometimes happen in cyberspace did. All the pages on host T35 disappeared down a giant black hole. T35 had major software failure and all data has been erased. However I have some back up and will start to add this material to the new host with no ads and hopefully with more reliability. At the moment the above links will lead you nowhere. We all know nothing lasts forever.

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