09/24/07 ... from Airwolf Season 3 have been added ...
LETTERS: I would just like to tell Jan Michael That he is a great actor and is very missed. I fell for him when he did Damnation Alley. Then I saw Airwolf and Winds of War. If it were not for you in that show I would have never watched it or read the book. I would also like to tell you that you have a pair of the most intriguing eyes I have ever seen. Thank you for all the movies and TV shows that you have done. Happy birthday to you in July. I happen to have one on June 8th. again I thank you for a little bit of heaven just in watching you. ... Jill ...

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these pix are just too scrumptious to hold back. There is more in the ...

Added video clips to the Extra 1998 pages

at Fansites.com
July 15, 1944
 From lovely CANADA
Taken: 08/22/08

 THE HOMEPAGE:                          "JANMICHAELVINCENT.ORG"
How was your Christmas? I hope it was happy. My Christmas Eve was great. I watched Buster and Billie with my 22 year-old daughter. She had to admit it was a good movie and Jan was hot. We have lots of snow up here but today weather changed and it was actually quite warm. We had Christmas Day dinner with my sister and her family. As always I hope and I wish that Jan had a good Christmas too.
12/12/08    BIG WEDNESDAY article
Just found this article on the Net about the film Big Wednesday, has a clip, couple of pix and some comments.
Cult surf movie turns 30, a talk with co-creator Denny Aaberg
And here is a copy of a nice DVD cover scan for Hard Country.
Also LINKS page is updated.
12/10/08    HOTEL.
Here is the link to the new Special put up, HOTEL
11/29/08    Hello, yes I'm still alive.
I know you must be wondering what the heck is going on with me and the site. There are no new pix, no updates. Well, I'm still here and still thinking about JMV always, just felt a little under the weather but I'm back again, as usual. I do have some pix coming up shortly, as well as the Hotel scans. Here are a couple of pics at left. They are similar to some we already have but will fit nicely under the MTH collection. Thank you MTH for sending the contacts so we can see all of these wonderful photos.
10/17/08    Alan Huffman
Speaking of Gunsmoke here is a link to a good if not long read but enjoyable just the same about a journalist in search of the elusive Jan in Mississippi. I am glad that the story was simply told and no negative remarks were added, just what is. If Alan Huffman ever comes by our site I thank you Alan, for this great article. It's perhaps what most of us would like to do but never will. Also thanks to Elizabeth for finding this article for us.
Jan-Michael Vincent
................ Then the woman asked, "How did you find us?" Harper was right. You could tell she had been pretty once. "I just kept asking people," I said, and offered a slightly convoluted explanation I was a journalist who happened to live in the area, I'd heard Jan-Michael Vincent was living here, I was wonderin ..............
10/16/08    HELLO
Just a little note to say hello and advise of Gunsmoke page that is now up for The Legend.
09/28/08    MORE JMV
If any one's heard how Jan is after that accident in Vicksburg let me know. Just want him to be okay. Here's yet another sexy pic of Jan and also Police Story added to Specials..
09/22/08    HOOPER
At right is another photo for our collection, this one a small collectors card from Hooper. Watch a clip from Defiance here. Also here's a link to some old articles from year 2000 if you want to read them from LA Times. And a JMV Forum on Filmbug.
09/09/08    JAN TRIBUTES
Here is a whole pile of JMV tribute videos, most of them probably appear on YouTube but just in case you've not seen them all, here thay are. JMV TRIBUTES. I keep working away at the TV Specials. Keep checking back.
08/28/08    TV SPECIALS
I've been feeling really ambitious and have corrected links on a few of the interview specials and you can finally take a look at them again. There are lots more I'm working on. Thanks again to LB for sending great scans of Dragnet, Bonanza, Marcus Welby etc. SPECIALS. I hope Jan is out of the hospital and back home where he belongs. If anyone has any more news, let me know.
08/27/08    VICKSBURG
Here is road 465 Jan was driving on when his car went out of control. This, of course, is not the specific spot of the accident but just a sample of the road which partly circles Eagle Lake in Warren County, MS. Not sure if Jan was wearing a seat belt at the time but if he was not the "Click It or Ticket" law procedure in Vicksburg would do him good. I, for one, agree with it.
08/26/08    Accident
Jan Michael Vincent, 63 ... was taken to River Region Medical Center after he lost ...
{more at Vicksburg Post} at bottom of page
I swear God is looking out for Jan for some reason. Jan, we hope you're okay. Perhaps, send Jan Best Wishes sysadmin@vicksburgpost.com  Thanks to LB for this link
08/11/08    Lassie Episode
LB has got her hot little hands on an episode of Lassie: Hanaford's Point 1968 and she was nice enough to make us some scans. There will be a page coming up shortly.
Also go to NEWS for some reading. Thanks to Laura.
07/25/08    Exito & Happy Birthday
Yes, I missed Jan's birthday but I was having problems again with the site and I was just about to give up. Happy belated birthday, Jan, where-ever you are! Here's the card that's also on Geo web homepage just in case you haven't been there in a while, not sure what Exito means but it's a small bubble gum type card with JMV on it and a photo I haven't seen yet. Here is a peek.
07/06/08    Filmography
Just updated the Filmography section and all the films in the first 2 rows are now linked and working properly. Yeay! Please send any photos or scans you might have for the pages where we have none. Thanks.
07/02/08    Wuz Up ?
Hey, anyone have anything new we can share or is there possibly a collection we have not yet explored ??? Otherwise just updating film pages etc ... Thanks for this hot pic, LB. Can anyone guess which film this is from ? Also included is a pic of yours truly.
Here is a new clip by Monica of JMV in The RETURNAnd here's an answer to Ray, Margaret and Kris - No, I don't have any email or physical address to write to Jan for an autograph but if anyone knows of one please let me know.
06/09/08    More JMV Clips

We have some more help in the tribute clips department. Fan Monica has submitted a few "cool clips" which you can see here:

ALSO more pix this time of trousers in the LB Fan Collection:
05/27/08    Back from Vacation

I'm back from a well deserved rest in the Carribean. It was beautiful and very hot. I swam in the Ocean and tanned on a white sand beach. It was a shame to go back home where it was even colder than I thought. We just about had to get our coats back out of the closet how cold it was. Here are a couple of pics I've taken of which I take many on any vacation. Also here is a link of more JM Video clips by Lorraine on her own YouTube Channel ...

    GO HERE: Looks great, Lorraine.

05/08/08    Damnation Alley

Just updating the Damnation Alley pages and page 1 has been completed. There's a few things submitted there by fans. Not much else going on at the moment but I do keep working.
  The movie follows the men's journey across America and introduces new characters at infrequent intervals, including Janice, a piano player and singer from Las Vegas and Billy, a young boy forced to survive on his own after the deaths of ...

    PAGE 1
04/24/08    Hello, again.

A couple more videos have been uploaded on our UTube channel with movie clips by Lorraine also a few regular pix on page 3. Nothing much going on otherwise. If anyone has anything to add let me know. CLIPS. And you've probably seen another clip by me of Dat Sexy Body.   Here is Jan mentioned briefly in an article found by Dera. Also would like to say hello to Lisa who's just joining us from Denver, CO. Another fan also from Denver wrote but I'm so sorry email got deleted by mistake with all the spam which I get hundreds of. Please write again. You were asking about Shadow of the Hawk.
04/04/08    More JMV Video Tributes
Another LB Video was posted on YouTube -link on LB's Fan Collection page 2 . And a couple of hot pix from Vigilante Force. Thanks LB.
03/30/08    Hit List tonight
As you know or may not know I'm from Croatia and I found a Croatian TV listing that says HIT LIST is playing tonight. Only it's translated to Black List. They even have a picture of JM. So, happy watching, if you're in Croatia.
03/19/08    The Gallery & Videos
The whole gallery is now available for viewing including the Fan Collections. We're getting there slowly but surely. Here is a new video I posted on YouTube - kinda cute. -- See More Video clips on LB's Fan Collection page

02/22/08    We'll keep trying ...
I'm sorry, there was still more problems with the domain name. I'm hoping we are now set and ok to go. If anyone has any news please let me know. A couple of new pages have been posted:

PAGE 20 of the DP collection   and   AIRWOLF stills
01/01/08    Hello again ...

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