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    A NOTE TO FANS from Anna & Jan - March 28, 2009

    "Jan is doing great. We live in the country, with our dog named Sasha, in the deep South close to our family. Jan is very healthy and happy. Please let all the fans know that he cares very much about them. It looks like we'll be doing an interview and video with Splash and that will be hitting the press in Europe soon. Jan would love to be involved in a project with regard to surfing and Big Wednesday. As you probably know he is a world class surfer. Please do not believe the things you read or see in the press. We have waited for good work to come along and not have disrespect shown to an actor who has had such a remarkable career. The interview coming up we believe will be different and will show much of our story and what our life has been like together. "
    Jan is "Wanted" for a Surfing Documentary
       The production of a documentary about surfing and Hollywood is looking for Jan-Michael Vincent.
       Producer, Chris Kobin, is looking to devote a part of the surfing documentary to the behind the scene stories about the film, Big Wednesday. He is recruiting the original director, John Milius and the original cast, including Jan-Michael Vincent to take part in this production. This would be a good opportunity for Jan who said in 2007 that he would welcome work in TV or film, again.
          From The Daily Veriety
          posted: 02/27/09   
    Former actor treated after wreck on 465
       A Vicksburg man was treated and released following a single-car accident Sunday afternoon on Mississippi 465.
       Jan Michael Vincent, 63, a former actor for whom officers declined to release a Vicksburg address, was taken to River Region Medical Center after he lost control of his vehicle.
          From The Vicksburg Post
          posted: 08/26/08   
    OK this isn't news but it is a nice recollection from someone who remembers meeting Jan way back in his younger days:

       1965 - Oxnard, California

       Jan was, at that point in time, Jan Vincent. He was a rather short, handsome blond guy...surfed at "C" Street in Ventura and the Rincon near Santa Barbara. Maybe he surfed at a spot that at that time was known as Gidget Beach. This surf spot was close to Malibu. His big dream was to surf Hawaii.

       I remember meeting him for the first time. We were both working at a men's shop (Kane's Men's Wear) in Oxnard CA. He was trim and handsome and wore great suits with wonderful and very traditional striped neckties!...It was Christmas vacation for me. He asked if I was the surfer from UCSB...And asked if I was the one that he'd heard that was an aspiring actress. I assured him that I was one and the same! After store hours we'd sit in the backroom of the store and ...this is really true...I made gift bows and he just propped his feet up on the table.. Wingtip-clad feet - imagine that! And watched and chatted.

       During that time I introduced Jan to my fiance. Later that week...we were again in the back room...still making the same dumb gift-ribbon bows. Jan cautioned me about marrying. He told me that he thought that it would be a big mistake and to think twice because my acting could cause a problem for a marriage.

       Well, it wasn't the case...I'm still more than happily married. And...while my acting career certainly took a back seat for many years...I've done some recent TV, I'm a published writer...and have directed and produced a children's show.

       I wish Jan good thoughts....

       All the best to you that choose to remember this man...He was very normal...very sweet and very caring when I knew him. Laura.

      posted with permission: 08/11/08   
    Not much news has been heard since Jan did the Insider Interview. We were hoping more interviews would follow but perhaps Jan has something else in the works. We will see. If anyone has any news to add let me know.
      posted: 07/01/08   
    written: March 23, 2007 - "Nice to hear from you, Rosie. Itís funny to hear from you, as we had a long conversation Wednesday night with ---- about Jan. I was at the hospital visiting a doctor friend of mine who is moving to ---- and as we were talking, a nurse came by pushing Jan on a gurney. He raised up and spoke to the Dr. and they had a brief conversation. I told the Dr. that I knew who he was and he was surprised that I knew him. The Dr.ís comment was that his body is beginning to break down due to his past abuse. He really did not look very good. His wife was following along behind and just nodded to the Dr. as they went by. Just thought you might like an update of sorts. He is still at ---- Lake. Iíll see if I can find some photos and send them to you. Have a nice day."

    written: August 14, 2006 - "I think he is actually leasing a house at ---- Lake. This Lake was originally part of the Mississippi river. Until the last 7-10 years, it was primarily a fishing lake. It is now used a lot for skiing and other watersport activities. Recent home construction around the lake has provided a lot of really nice lake homes. It is located just off highway --, about 20 minutes --- of Vicksburg. I actually heard over the weekend, that the house they are living in, is for sale. I believe Janís wife has a son that works for one of the local Casinos in ----."
      SOURCE: all news from a banker from Vicksburg
      posted: 04/06/07    updated: 04/06/07
    JMV seems to be keeping a very low profile these days, well away from the Hollywood glitz and glamour where everything is more peaceful. Many of you have written wanting to know if Jan is even still around. Someone close to Jan has written to let us know that yes - Jan is still alive. Indeed he is leading a reclusive life in a small house with his wife, Ann, where they do not own a computer, not even a phone. On occasion he does use the telephone at the general store where he picks up a few groceries. No, he is not in a wheelchair but a walker does help him out at times. A monthly stipend arrives from an agency through the postal office, other than that Jan does not get around much. He does not go fishing but seems to keep busy with a lot of writing (letís hope heís writing that memoir heís always talking about) and some painting on the porch of his humble abode. Sometimes he goes down to the river on his all terrain vehicle to also do some sketching.   SOURCE: Unnamed

    A while back I also heard from someone from Vicksburg, MS who's had a chance to meet Jan and the feeling he got looking at Jan is that Jan has been through a lot. We know this well. He may have been about to sell his house but we don't know where he might go. His wife Ann, has a son who helps them out at times but Jan's daughter Amber has not been seen.   SOURCE: a banker from Vicksburg

    Well, this is nothing "official" - but he has left California to "start a new life". He's still in contact with Ernest Borgnine and he's doing quite fine. Besides: you won't find him in Louisiana or Mississippi (as many people are trying to tell us). And before anyone of you starts asking: No, I will not tell anymore, because I made a promise...   SOURCE: Airwolf msg.board

    This news comes from three different sources and the second one is more reliable by the name given, as for the first one a real name was not given and therefore I can not check its reliability. Third one is also unnamed so I'll leave it up to you to believe what you wish. Still thanks to Saint and Bob for the info as well as Joanne who found the bit on the Airwolf msg.board.
      posted: 02/05/07    updated: 02/05/07
    Jan Michael Vincent was to attend a concert of one of his favorite musicians and good pal, Leon Russell. Russell played a concert on May 26th at the Malibu Inn on Pacific Coast Hwy. Tickets at the door were $30 and the event started at 8 pm. Among others in attendance was another of Vincent's old pals and co-star from film Big Wednesday, Gary Busey.
      posted: 08/30/05    updated: 08/30/05
    A new Jan site is on the horizon which claims to be Official. I have the link but will not print it as it seems to be private at the moment. I really don't have any feelings about it either way. It may be real or it may not. I'm not sure exactly what they mean when they say other Jan sites are profiteering off Jan's name. First off, hello, there are not that many other Jan sites and if they mean me, well I've yet to see a penny of profit. I get my webspace for free and in return the hosts run some ads but it does not concern me whatsoever. Also got a crude email from someone claiming to be Jan himself. Jealousy will do that.
      posted: 02/27/05    updated: 02/27/05
    Many of you have been wanting to know how Jan is doing since he's dropped out of sight. Some news I've heard tell me the same thing although it comes from different sources. Ufortunatelly all the rehabs Jan has been to have not helped.       [READ MORE]
      posted: 07/13/04    updated: 02/05/07

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