Entering the 90s Jan's star continued to fade. Good parts were too far and few between and Jan took on roles in a medley of films for TV or Video. In his personal life more trouble followed Jan than he could count, from domestic violence to drugs and alcohol. Often Jan insisted to film directors that he had cleaned up his act but the booze always got the better of him. In the few of his sober moments Jan was said to have a heart of gold as he often helped with charities for children. Soon he got divorced from Joanne and took up with differnet women including Karen Thompson, his childhood friend. Lisa Maria, who was pregnant with his child but lost it when Jan once again turned to alcohol and violence, says she still loves him to this day. After a lifetime of success, fame, alcohol and two car crashes, one that almost ended his life, Jan lives quietly in a beautiful area of Mississippi with his wife Anna and their dog Sasha but says in 2007 that he would return to acting if anyone asked him.

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