We have all been wondering where Jan-Michael Vincent had gone off to, what's he doing and how he is. At long last some news has surfaced on Jan which may answer a few questions and put some rumors to rest. Jan is a frail shadow of his former self and looks much older than his actual years. His alertness is low and although he can get around on his own it is mostly without purpose. His weakness and his disease - the ever-present alcoholism - still has Jan tightly in its grip. A few days away from his 60th birthday Jan-Michael is scheduled for eye surgery. More than likely it is to correct an injury stemming from a car accident a few years ago.

      It is true that on some occasions Jan has been seen in Vicksburg, MS. but he does not make his home in town. And yes, Jan has married Anna. She is his wife and guardian of sorts. More recently Jan has travelled through Vicksburg with his wife, on the way to the eye surgery. Since Jan is still considered a celebrity Anna had taken care of security along the way and has given out some autographed photographs. She, in their good days and their bad days is probably the best friend he has, if not the only.

     Jan may be coming out of the surgery as we speak and I hope to hear he is doing well. My sources have been gracious enough to let us know that Jan is alive somewhere. They have been kind to him and for that I thank them profusely and promise to guard the details with my life. It has just touched me so that I had to share more with you - J H, Goedele, Lore, E F, M T H, Karen, Alex, Brian, Chris, Nadine, T S, Peter, C U, E R, Ken, Dean, Tracy, Pam, N A, Janelle, Jeremy, Astrid, Vickie, Maggie, Ian, Marielle, Drew, Hayate, Mike, Jo, Kathleen, Christine, Diana and many more. The life Jan has chosen may not be the ideal life but it is his life and it is not for us to judge. Instead, lets treasure our diamond in the rough, of Mississippi.

     This article was written exclusively for Jan-Michael Defiance and my not be used anywhere else - written by RCV2004.

In response:

08/08/04 ... Maybe I'm prejudiced, if only by the 'Subject Matter' but "Defiance" still holds my vote for one of the most Impressive Sites out there. There are some 'flashier' sites but if I want that I'll watch a firework show. I hope that at Sometime Jan-Michael has sat in front of a computer Somewhere and been totally impressed! It is a credit to him and the body of work he has done. Over the years I've heard from fans who met him and he really was into his fans and always had time to personally stop and sign or chat, but I also know he could never get around to answering fan mail, which is why so many Photographs were sent out with secretaries signatures or Stamped. He'd go to the Beach or Racetrack when filming was over rather than his Agency's office so it doesn't surprise me that we've never heard from him. I would like to think that Anna might write to us for him though. If he's reached the stage we're hearing, he might not want any connection because it may be a painful reminder for him. I would love nothing better than to hear he is 'recovering well', if Robert Downey Jnr can do it who knows? but if it's as bad as we they are saying, he may feel there is no point in trying. It seemed as though everything got worse when he split from Joanne, he really seemed to fall apart even though on reading they were like a wildfire together. I'm still so impressed at him on screen..... he can show such sensitivity, such anger, humor and even control! I always thought that "Tribes" WAS young JM when he was with Bonnie, but then I think Hollywood took over. Wherever you are Jan-Michael we still love you and wish you well. J.

08/06/04 ... I hope Jan has recovered. I don't know what's wrong with him. Does he not know that having fans is a good thing? Surely he knows of your web site! He really should respond in some way since I know he is retired. Well that just means he has time to respond LOL. I sure would love it if my fans stuck with me considering I was a#$$% up. I know there are demons within him but get over it and listen to the people that have tried to help over the years. You are one of those people. Your site is a wonderful tribute to him and he should thank his lucky STARS [ no pun intended ]that you and his fans still care. Thanks,Chrissy

08/02/04 ... I always thought Jan Michael Vincent was enigmantic. I hadn't really realized how long he'd been off the radar until I rented Big Wednesday this past week. It was so great and I remembered thinking how cool I thought he, and particularly, his name was. Loved Big Wednesday and that started a huge JMV jones. Had to know what was up with him and, you know, wow, alcoholism is just so wretched. I hipped a couple of my buddies (we're all in our 40's) about poor JMV and they all seemed sincerely bummed. Boy, it'd be so great if he'd pull out of this decades old tailspin and stop drinking, get fit, and get back on screen. So sad. Really, breaks my heart. Thanks for the website. You obviously care a great deal about it's subject. -Kevin

07/24/04 ... Hello. I am a huge fan of JMV's and would like to help out with your wonderful site. I don't think you have written any uncomplimentary things but I think a couple of things happened that got you discouraged. 1) The misinfo that Jan was going to star in "Fight Club 2" and 2)the reluctance of Jan's people to let A&E do his biography. I too am saddened by Jan's present condition but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate his life and work. One thing I can contribute is accuracy to when Jan's going to be on tv. I don't know who does "Tv Now" but quite frankly they miss alot of his airings. Thank You , Ed.

07/22/04 ... I check your site maybe once a week or so, but I do agree and have thought for quite a long time JMV does believe he has been forgotten and that his career in hollywood forgettable, I think he thinks none of his movies have made an impact, except Hooper which was really Burt Reynolds movie. Thru-out his screen career he gives us clues to maybe how he feels about himself like in" Big Wednesday" where he utters lines like "I'm a drunk, a screwup" when talking to Bear, in Bear's surfshop. In fact Big Wednesday has hit too close to home, where he's a bum and a drunk on the beach. Brian.

07/17/04 ... Thanks for the article on the web site. At least now we know how he is doing and that he is alive !!! Astrid.

07/13/04 ... Thank you for the news, not what we hoped for. I cannot read it without tears, but I hope and pray for better. Do you think he knows the support he has out here? Thank you for your fantastic site,and your loyalty. From Diana in England.

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