09/24/07 ... from Airwolf Season 3 have been added ...
    these pix are just too scrumptious to hold back. There is more in the ...
    HOMEPAGE 2008

    Started clips from T H S

     E-MAIL ME
    July 15, 1944
     From lovely CANADA
    Toronto 10/25/09


    I'd love to see some of the States or different countries - if you want to send somthing so we can see where you all live - go ahead.

     From lovely CROATIA
    Primosten 07/14/09
     THE HOMEPAGE:                          "JANMICHAELVINCENT.ORG"
    11/23/09    NEW LINKS
    I should've done this sooner, created an alternate site in case of down time at the Org location. Take note that I am switching hosts again and updating domain name and I may be down until New Year. I will try sooner however, bookmark this link for any updates:

    ALTERNATE UPDATES:     http://sites.google.com/site/jmvdefiance/

    as well as:     http://janmichaelvincent.org/

    11/07/09    A New Fan Collection
    Yes, a new fan collection has just been opened up to us, as submitted by Darrell however Darrell advises that the Collection actually belongs to a JMV fan Sandra T. It was her collection he put on VHS back in the 80s and he's just thought of it. Darrell was nice enough to put it on a DVD and send it in. So, thank you Sandra and Darrell for sharing this great collection with us. There are a few things that we've not got yet on Defiance. Pages coming up. // FYI // EBAY suddenly has 9 pages of JMV stuff.
    Sandra's CollectionSandra's CollectionSandra's CollectionSandra's Collection
    10/27/09    Bite The Bullet
    Doesn't time just fly lately. It seems I've just updated the site and almost a month has already passed by. I have a few updates coming up. First one is the Bite The Bullet film page, actually 3 of them of pix we've collected over the years. Take a look. ALSO, recently my husband and I took a romantic getaway to Niagara Falls and how do we sepnd the evening? Watching Airwolf, of course. We caught station RTV from New York on a Saturday night. Lucky NY folks.
    09/30/09    German mag Echo Der Frau
    Here is another pic from possibly the same photo session. I hope there is more somewhere out there. For FULL article go to
    the AF COLLECTION . Thanks to Alex for this article. Also thanks to Jackie for the Airwolf still.
    09/26/09    More Pix
    Teresa has sent us some scans of Bite the Bullet (pic above) and this one was just about the darkest and most mysterious one but I think it's my favorite. I've brightened it a bit in photoshop but the outline is unmistakibly Jan. I'll be adding Bite the Bullet shortly. Thanks to Teresa and Lorraine who's sent some scans previously but not yet posted. We'll get to it all eventually. I've also recently found this great shot of Jan from In Gold we Trust (1990) with Chris Klueppel who's got some great pecs himselv. There are a few stills you'll want to see. Perhaps someone can get in touch with Chris and see if he can tell us how it was working with Jan on that film. Let me know if any luck.
    Going for coffee, see you later.
  • Jan on Ultimate Fitness Thailand
  • 09/24/09    The Globe - August 31, 2009
    We're having a small burst of news and info here. Lorraine has sent in this pic and a link to a small Globe article. I'm not sure if this is the same thing as in Splash or the German magazine. I've not seen anything about Splash but I think Jan and Anna look good together and although I've sometimes heard something contrary I hope that Anna keeps him in good health as she claims. If anyone has any other info let us know. Thanks, Lorraine. Also, someone has asked I post the letters sent in by Anna previously and I can tell you that they will not be posted here, it's not something I would want to end up in one of those magazines. If Jan and Anna want to sell their story, whether it's for the fans or for the money, that's their choice. I also want to mention a thanks for offers to add some funds for the ad-free website but I'll pitch in for now and if I ever need any help, I'll let you know.
    09/23/09    More Pix
    I've got a few more things to mention.
  • Another loyal fan Jackie will send us Last Plane Out so we can see that film in more detail
  • Alex mentions he's recently spotted Jan in a German magazine Echo Der Frau - hopefully we'll get to see that too
  • Monica has sent some links to articles listing the Top 10 Torsos in Hollywood and surprisingly enough or not so surprisingly Jan made the top 10. Go to the Links page.
  • 09/22/09    Demonstone
    Just found this pic somewhere in my files. I heard Geocities is going down at the end of the year so am trying to transfer everything here.
    Updated Demonstone.
    09/21/09    More Pix
    Allright, Gallery 11 is posted. I also want to say hello to some fans who've written to say hi - Michelle, Dennis, Teresa, Morgan, Jason, Jackie and Debby. Also best wishes go to Jean with her knee operation. I hope all goes well for you. Thanks so much everyone for keeping in touch. I wish I had more news for you but I suppose we should consider ourselves lucky with what we have. Take care.
    08/30/09    Back Again
    Just when you think I'm gone for good, I'm back, again. You just can't seem to get rid of me. Fresh from my vacation I do have another page of pix to add to the main gallery. Here's a peek of one photo which I haven't seen before. Also included a couple of pics of my vacation. I'm trying to find out about the birthday cards but my contact has not responded yet. Isn't it always like that, just when you think you've found someone genuine, it turns out you could be wrong. Well, let's hope for the best. What's everyone else up to?
    08/01/09    Summer is moving along
    It seems perhaps Jan is on holidays but I should know something soon. I too will be on holidays for next two weeks, hopefully on a beautiful beach by the sea in Croatia, visiting relatives.
    Started is Monica's Fan Collection with some great photos she is sharing with us. I might have a few photos to add myself when I get back from vacation.
    07/17/09    Crosswords
    I've never done crosswords before, just got into it this summer and I was doing one when I noticed who they thought of as 1 / DOWN.
    07/15/09   MORE GREETINGS
  • Greetings from Elaine in Quebec, Canada
  • 07/14/09    THINKING OF JAN
    Here is another beautiful photo that Monica sent us. It seemed like the right pic to use for yet another birthday greeting. Amazingly, letters still come in from fans who've just discovered this site. I guess there is no end to Jan fans around the world.......... Greetings from Lorraine in UK
    07/11/09    A Few Updates
    I finally got a chance to update the website, again. First we have a pic from Monica, she's sent some really nice stills which we'll share shortly. Than there is the update to the main gallery - Page 10 has been added. Also found an article about Jan's old friend Robert Englund where he mentions Jan with film, Buster & Billie. Otherwise, I've mailed the box of birthday cards so let's keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.
    Monica's CollectionGALLERY 10Article
    06/26/09    More JAN
    I just got another collection to add to our Gallery which is already bursting with many photos of Jan. It will be up soon. If anyone's heard anything about Jan or his films lately, please let me know. I hope the summer is going good for everyone including Jan.
    06/05/09    Thundering 8th on DVD
    Thundering 8th has finally found its way to DVD and is on sale on EBAY as a Special Edition. Thanks, Lisa for letting us know.

    Director, Donald Borza
    06/02/09    Birthday Wishes
    The email birthday wishes keep coming in. You can still send for another couple of weeks. I'd like to mention that I've received emails from the following fans: Bill, Ginger, Judy, John, Joanne, Lisa, Jackie, Morgan and Jean. If you don't see your name here and you've emailed something, then please re-send. They are all wonderful letters filled with positive thoughts and wishes. The cards that have arrived through regular mail have not been opened so I hope they are just as supportive.
    05/29/09    Gallery
    Hello, Monica and Jose, got your birthday cards, thanks. There are two more pages of the gallery completed. Go here to see them. GALLERY. Thanks, Lorraine, for posting Marcus Welby clips, I've not seen this yet myself and thanks Monica for the pic with William Katt.
    05/08/09    Wallpaper
    just having some fun with photos and wallpaper - GO HERE (some photos from the MTH Collection) also Monica found this article on Big Wednesday, SI VAULT. Hello to Deborah, just joining our little club. -- Also, see what's new at j-m-v.com
    04/29/09    William Katt at Starfest 2009
       William Katt recently visited Colorado with the Starfest 2009 Convention and one of our friends got to meet him. Lucky, Monica got to talk to William about his participation in the Surf Doc. He has been contacted for the Surf Doc and is excited to join. When asked about Jan, he had nothing but good things to say about him. It seems Jan has been contacted too and the production company is sending him some Big Wednesday memorabillia to remind him of the good old days with the BW cast.

      Thank you, William for being so "nice" and generous with the Jan fans who are anxiously awaiting this film.

      Another photo to be posted soon.
    04/28/09    Surf Doc and My Email
      No news from Jan or Anna if Jan will participate in the Surfing Documentary. No news either from Chris. Sorry. In the meantime some birthday cards have already been received.
    BTW - if you sent me an email last week, I did not get it, my computer was down.
    Perhaps, re-send. Thanks.
    04/27/09   Letters from years passed
    I had to clean out my mailbox and would you believe I still had email in there from 2004?? It was high time I went through it but I thought I'd share some small excerpts of the emails and your thoughts about this website through the years. Now, it's my time to thank all of you for the kind and encouraging words. Believe it or not, not everyone is as kind as you've been. This website is and will always be in Jan's honor, nothing more and nothing less.
    04/13/09    Hello from Jack & Jeff Warren
      Hi, I am Jan's 1st cousin. He knows my son Jeffrey very well. My boy Jeffrey and Jan surfed together some time ago. Jeff still surfs; was surfing in the San Diego area last year. I am just trying to find out how Jan is doing. I thank you very much. Jack.
      Hello...My dad recently gave me your e-mail address...My father and JMV are cousins and use to play together as children in California..... I am named after Jan as my name is Jeff-Michael and I have not seen him (Jan) since 1986 on his boat in Oxnard Harbor.... Since I am also an avid and long time surfer, JMV and I have a lot in common and like Jan, I now live away from California and it sucks..... Hope you can contact Jan soon as I would love to go surfing with him one day again..... Regards, Jeff-Michael Warren.
    04/04/09    BUSTER & BILLIE
    I know there are still many movie pages that I need to upload, again. Just got on Buster & Billie which as we know was special to Jan because at end of shooting this film Jan's daughter Amber was born.   BUSTER & BILLIE
    04/02/09    LAKE HEMET & DESERT CENTER
    I can't tell you yet if Jan will be participating in the Surfing Documentary but I do have some updates in the Airwolf section. So, in the meantime we're going to carry on as usual. Some great photos came in on Lake Hemet and Desert Center from two different sources. You can see them in the Airwolf section.   SEE HEMET
    A NOTE TO FANS - March 28, 2009

    "Jan is doing great. We live in the country, with our dog named Sasha, in the deep South close to our family. Jan is very healthy and happy. Please let all the fans know that he cares very much about them. It looks like we'll be doing an interview and video with Splash and that will be hitting the press in Europe soon. Jan would love to be involved in a project with regard to surfing and Big Wednesday. As you probably know he is a world class surfer. Please do not believe the things you read or see in the press. We have waited for good work to come along and not have disrespect shown to an actor who has had such a remarkable career. The interview coming up we believe will be different and will show much of our story and what our life has been like together. "
    03/28/09    A LETTER FROM JAN & ANNA
    The best thing ever has happened. I'm bursting with a need to tell all. Jan and his lovely wife Anna have responded to my letter. Anna has asked to let the fans know that Jan is doing great. He's happy and well and appreciates all the fan support. I will let you know more just as soon as I can. Now we know that when we send our birthday wishes it will reach Jan and hopefully make him even happier. Of course, you know, I will not give you Jan's address but you can send to me and I promise it will be forwarded. I've also relayed a msg to Chris Kobin about Jan's interest in doing his surfing project. Chris advises he's just finished interviewing Robert Englund, an old buddy of Jan's from the Buster & Billie days. Thank you, Anna for deciding to trust me on this. Rosie.
    03/14/09    HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME
    Here is some info on getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and a link to the application. The requirements are:
  • Professional achievement
  • Longevity of five years in the field of entertainment
  • Contributions to the community
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • Thanks to JR for raising this idea.
    03/08/09    LISTAL
    Just found this website, not sure if it's anything yet but perhaps we could use it to post some favorite photos of Jan. Found some from our website to post randomly. You can see photos but to make comments or post your own you have to sign up, it's simple. So, hope to see you there too. jmvincent.listal.com
    03/05/09    Margaret's Grocery
    I was flipping through my channel guide when something caught my eye: Margaret's Grocery on a show about weird and special artsy places. I wondered if that could be the one very near Jan's place and indeed it was. It was a fifteen minute clip about Margaret and her husband Rev. H D Dennis and the little castle that he's built her. Here are the two Margaret's Grocery pages.
    03/02/09    Nadine's Fan Collection
    Just to let you know Nadine's fan collection has been updated but is not complete yet, still working on it. Also the birthday wishes have started to come in and people have some different ideas of what to do, like posters but if you will do a poster please no bigger than 11" x 14". Also someone pointed out that Jan does not have a star yet on Hollywood Blvd and his films from the 70s would sure warrant it. People with less credits get one these days so we'll try to look into that. BTW most fans say Jan will turn 65.
    02/28/09    JAN'S BIRTHDAY THIS YEAR - 64 vs 65
    There is certainly interest in doing the greetings for Jan's birthday but a dilemma has arrisen. Will Jan be turning 64 or 65? The year of his birth has always been printed differently in various places. I'm leaning more towards 65 but even I can't say for sure. If he's 65 it would certanly be befitting to let him know that we still care and if he's 64 the same still applies. So, either way ... it would just be nice to know. Let's give a due date to this project as June 1st so you have plenty of time to do it and I will have plenty of time to put it together and get it mailed, but the sooner the better. Rosie.
    02/27/09    JAN'S BIRTHDAY THIS YEAR
    I've been running this website for almost seven years and so many of you have been very diligent in providing material and information for Defiance and yet still, we've never heared a word from Jan. Well, I have a feeling that this year, our hard work and devotion is about to pay off. What I was thinking was to do something special for his coming up birthday in July. If the opportunity arises I would like to send him a packet of birthday wishes. If any of you would like to send a nice letter or greeting to Jan, e-mail it to me. If you want to send an actual card, let me know and we'll work something out. I figure if we can put a nice big smile on Jan's face it would certainly be worth our while. Let me know what you think (just don't ask me for the address). Later, alligator.
    Let's hope Mr. Kobin will have some luck in finding the elusive Jan. It would certainly be nice for him to take part in this documentary. In honor of this project I've been motivated to update the Big Wednesday filmpage and
      PAGE 1    PAGE 2    PAGE 3
    is posted. Also here's a little calendar for you.
    02/17/09    SURFING DOCUMENTARY produced by Chris Kobin
    Mr. Kobin wrote to Defiance looking to get in touch with Jan. Kobin is producing a surfing documentary that will center around the now cult film with the surfers, Big Wednesday. Greg MacGillivray will direct this project, who also directed film, Everest. Original director for Big Wednesday, John Milius, will be included in the documentary and if anyone else should be in this film it should be Jan-Michael Vincent. The shooting is already underway and if anyone has a way of getting in touch with Jan for an interview with Kobin, please let me know ASAP. Here is further detail: MacGillivray sets Hollywood surf doc
    02/14/09    HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY
    This title will be released on February 17, 2009.

    FYI - The Biography section has been completed
    02/04/09    WE'VE MADE IT INTO 2009
    Hi, how's everyone? I hope the New Year started off good for all of you, including Jan, way down in Mississippi. We had some minor technical difficulties but once again we'll continue these pages and I'll try to find some material we haven't seen yet, if that is possible. Perhaps Jan will say hello to us this year, one can only hope. For now we'll make do with this gorgeous smile of his.

    Origin: RCV / Toronto since 2003